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The UKC Top Ten # 2
Patterdale of 2009
BOB * Premier 2009


Tarjac's Omega of

Fox Briar



Omega was one of the first Patterdales

on the East Coast to earn a UKC

Grand Champion Title !

Sire: Tarjac's  ( Mason's ) Clancey 

Dam: Tarjac's Ceara 



                                                 Omega age 3
                                               Omega ..... her name means the end..........
                                                           but destined to do great things.............
                                                                                This is just the beginning !
                                                                                                                        Omega & Tammy Stefanie
                                                      ORPC Trial 2009 *
                                                   Best Colored Terrier *
                                         under Judge Judith Stuckey
                                                       CH/BOB #7
                                      New Champion ***
                                                     Omega winning her UKC
                                             Championship Title/BOB
                                      under judge, Mr. Paul Bruneau.
                                           Thank you to Tammy Stefanie
                                          for helping handle Omega this
                                          weekend to earn her final CH
                                          points. Pictured with Fay Craft
                                                      GCTN Conformation CH
                   " The best Colored Terrier I've seen " to quote the judge !
                   Omega now has another Championship under her belt !
                       GCTN Trial I * Non JR Conformation CH * Judge Dan Grimmel * USA
                             GCTN Trial II * Non JR Conformation RS CH * Judge Geoff Burnhill * England *
                        *Rs CH to her grandfather Badakhashan Beauregard
                     *** Five Championships * Three Rs Championships at age 2 ***
                                                                       Photo by Fred Settle
                                                   Champion Omega * Non Jack Russell Conformation GCTN Trial I
                                                           Photo by Hunter's Run Action Photography
                                        Omega being awarded Rs BIS under judge Jillian Irving
                                                                           Happy Birthday Omega ! Two years old !!!
                                                                                     Omega has done it again !!!
                                                            CH Colored Terrier
                                                     Ochlockonee River PC Trial 2008
                                                    under judge Judith Stuckey.
                                                 Thank you Judith for this great win !
                                                                           In her past six Terrier Trials she has been
                                                   Champion Conformation Colored Terrier( four)
                                                   or RS CH (two).At Open shows she has won BOB
                                                   every time out except once when she went Best of Opposite
                                                   to her kennelmate Fox Briar Rebel Son.

 Omega is a small terrier standing 11" at the withers with a big dog attitude.






  Photo by Pics of You

South East Celebration

RS CH Colored Terrier ~ Trial I * Judge Steve Wallace * UK

CH Colored Terrier ~ Trial II * Judge Gareth Lynch * Wales



 Sire : Tarjac's Clancey

Bred by David Mason * Wartrace TN

Dam: Tarjac's Ceara


Omega's breeding is another Mason/Nuttall cross.

Ceara is a grand daughter of the straight Nuttall bred

bitch, Poorhill's Shanty/ Poorhill Kennel * MO. She

was produced from our Badakhashan Shillelagh, whose

sire was Fell's ( Mason's ) Shenanigan bred by David

Mason * TN. Omega's sire, Clancey, was bred by David



 " Pensive "


Omega is Fox Briar breeding through our original foundation bitch Ntl Ch Poorhill's Shanty COG , Badakhashan Shillelagh COG &  Hall of Fame * UKC # 1 Top Ten * UKC GRCH * PTCA Ntl Ch * Badakhashan Beauregard COG TD.


Omega is our most recent addition.She is a grand daughter of our PTCA Hall of Fame/PTCA CH/PTCA COG/UKC CH Patterdale, Badakhashan Beauregard.Omega has numerous wins in conformation including CH Puppy ~ TN Terrier Olympics Trial  ( Judge John Broadhurst * N.C.)  ~ CH Puppy North American Working Terrier Classic ( Judge Dick Fenton * Iowa )~ KY ~ Champion Non Jack Russell ~ Southeast Celebration ~ FL
( Judge Gareth Lynch * Wales )~ CKC Top Dog winner for 2007.

Pedigree of UKC GR CH/PTCA CH " Tarjac's Omega of Fox Briar"  *

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
Tarjac's Clancey COG      
Bred by David Mason *


Mason's Short Stop

 Mason's Hovie
Adkin's Honey
Mason's Foxy HOF Mason's Goldie
HOF Mason's CS Lily


Tarjac's Ceara

HOF UKC Grand Champion /PTCA CH Badakhashan Beauregard COG TD  Bred by Badakhashan aka Fox Briar
Badakhashan Kimberwicke
Bred by Fox Briar
Lost Lake Lady Godiva
Bred by Lost lake
Badakhashan Shillelagh COG  Bred by Badakhashan aka Fox Briar
Fell's Shenanigan COG
Bred by David Mason
Ntl CH Poorhill's Shanty COG
Bred by Poorhill




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