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News dating Jan. 2008 - Aug. 2010  
Terrier Splash was a Blast !!!
 It was great to see Crystal & Zig Zag, our Tink's
brother & Mid Fl's Lisa with her Pit & Christy with
her American Hairless. We also had a group from
UKC;Donna with her JRs, Kathy with her Rat Terrier
& Tammy who helps me show the Patterdales.Tammy
plans to compete with her American Hairless soon.
Son won GTG in his division & Rebel won second in
GTG in a very large Veterans division.Tink got her
first look at quarry in GTG. She was too young to 
compete but negotiated the GTG for training.
The potluck dinner was super delicious !!!!!
Thanks to Melanie,Frannie, Pauline & everyone
who made this trial possible.
Billie Green with Tink at HAAHTA
I have known Billie's grandmother for
years & we reconnected at Premier.
Billie is already an accomplished handler
with many Breed wins to her credit. Here
she is shown helping socialize Tink.
UKC Premier
Icredible !
Pictures are posted on the
 the Premier page.
 Photo by Thomas Photography
Rebel  won the Invitational for the 2009 Racing
Allstars Steeples 12 1/2 - 15  over all  breeds.We are 
are very proud of him for this accomplishment !
He also placed first in the All Stars Flat Race.
It was great seeing Bruce & Diane from MI &
Jason & Cathy from CA,with their Patterdales.
Congratulations to Tara on her Top Ten win &
to Jet on going Breed on Sunday !
Bruce's Elzinga's Aidrian won the BOB award
donated by Fox Briar Kennel.Thank you Bruce
for your very nice note !!
Pensacola has the " Redneck Riviera ".......
here at Fox Briar we have the " Patterdale Riviera " !
Rebel at the " beach " enjoying
a splash in the pool.
Teg & Beau
Teg & Beau
 Summer's hot & the living is easy.......
We are back on the road again for the
summer circuit of shows & trials.
 SSTC Summer
 All Terrier Trial
This sign was posted as we entered the trial site (right).
Fox Briar rig coming over the bridge ( left ).
We really did not think we had to worry about this
road hazard warning for the summer !
Fox Briar Rebel Son
  GTG Champion
  Under Adults
                                        Fox Briar Rebel Son                                 
                                       GTG CH
                                    Adults Under
                                                         Fox Briar Rebel
                                                            GTG CH                          
                                                         Veteran Over                 
Veterans Under
                                 Badakhshan Bronwyn
                                           GTG CH           
                                       Veterans Under
                                       Badakhashan Tobias
                                     Racing & GTG RS CH
                                          Veterans Under
Badakhashan Tobias *
Racing & GTG
Veterans Under
This Terrier trial was an open performance
trial open to all terriers under 15 ".
There were no separate colored terrier
classes which we liked because it presented
 our Patterdales with more of a challenge.
We were very pleased with our dogs' success !
A " sneak peek " into our home away from
home for the duration of our time on the road. 
Some of our rosettes decorate the interior......
and of course our signature red & black colors !
            Hugo holding up the RV !                  
It was good to see my old friend Hugo Noah again !
Hugo & I have been competing in these terrier
trials together for over 20 years !
Donna " chillin' out " under the mist tent !
" Beau Blood Prevails at Nationals "
 The deck was stacked against her,with 9 Anglo -
American entries,and 3 others,but one little black
bitch " Tara ", gave them the old "one - two "&
prevailed in the end,to win the 2010 PTCA National
Champion title !
This is the 2nd year in a row Tara emerged successful
in her quest to become National Champion.Last year,
in her home state of CA, she won 2009 PTCA National
Champion Puppy and 2009 PTCA National Champion.
Tara also won the TNTO Colored Terrier Champion-
ship,Champion of Champions,Judges Choice,&Perfor-
mance Champion(s) in TN this past weekend.
 Owned by Cathy Thomas ( Oakleaf ) & bred by Jason
Crociana ( CMC ), CMC's Tara the Terror of Oakleaf,
traces back to our original stud dog, Badakhahsan
Beauregard bred by Fox Briar ( aka Badkhashan ).
As Oakleaf's site aptly proclaims , "Success Is the Best
Revenge ! Congratulations to Tara, Cathy,Tiffany &
Jason on your phenomenal success ! To read more about
Oakleaf & CMC go to our links page.
" Just the facts m'am...nothing but the facts "......
Joe Friday * Dragnet quote.
" Visions " 
Our Journey has been Fabulous ! 
2009 has come to a close & we are on
our way to achieving new goals in 2010 !
Bloodlines Ad * June 2010
 UKC shows
Beau * BOB *
Thanks Tammy !
UKC Top Ten # 1
Happy Tenth Tegwyn & Beau !
 Best of Breed
Fox Briar Rebel winning Best of Breed
under AKC judge Zell Von Pohlman.
After having earned the recognition of being
the Number 1 UKC Patterdale for 2009 we
are exploring new venues with Rebel.
 Jr.Handler, Christina Worley, above who helped us handle
our Patterdales at the HCDF show. Thank you Christina !
Scenes from the show
 Mrs.Clark with her BIM
 Norfolk Terrier Puppy , above.
The showgrounds & exhibitors , below.
" Rebel "
Bloodlines * May 2010
 Brazilian Terrier Magazine
 This Patterdale article recently appeared in the Brazilian
" Terrier " Publication featuring Rogue  & Rosie. They
were exported to Brazil & were from Fox Briar's line.
 GTG Champion
Fox Briar Rebel Son was the GTG CH
at the GCTN Performance Trial * Feb. 2010
 Some of our super Championship prizes from the GCTN Trial 2010
Thank you to Lisa McKinney & Gold Coast for another great trial !!!!
We are looking forward to 2011 Lisa !
 UKC Grand Champion
Beau winning his UKC Grand Championship under
judge Nancy Fishinger  * Handled by Tammy Stefanie.
There are not enough words to express my gratitude for
all of Tammy's help ! She is always there with a smile
& willing to show the Patterdales.I could not ask for a  
better friend .......or a more talented one !
Thanks Tammy !!!!!
Patterdale at Work 
Here is another new activity/career that a Patterdale
of our breeding is engaged in :
This is Del Manto's Toddy in Brazil who has been trained as a Drug
Detection Dog for the police (bred by Canil Del Manto in Brazil).
To my knowledge this is the first Patterdale
to be trained in this line of work.
We are so excited to see the  Patterdale being used
in such a unique way . Never underestimate
the capabilities of your Patterdale ! 
Happy Birthday Omega !!!!
Age 3 !!!
Fox Briar Rebel is the UKC
Top Ten #1 Conformation
Patterdale in the Nation
& the UKC All Stars # 1
Flat Racer for 2009 !
Rebel is an outstanding representative of
the Fox Briar line. He embodies the traits
necessary to become a UKC Total Dog.
Rebel descends from our Nuttall
foundation bitch Poorhill's Shanty.
                                                                                     UKC UFR USR GR CH Fox Briar Rebel
Badakhashan Tobias
on earning his UKC & PTCA
Championships in Conformation !
" Bias "
 CGC Title
Angel Photo
Bronwyn has added another Title to her profile.......
Nov.21 she earned her CGC Title ! ...our 1st CGC
certified Patterdale.
Valentino pictured as a pup during Fly Ball Training
Fox Briar Valentino
Robert Viereck
on their recent 1st place wins in UKC
Racing & Weight Pull in Connecticut.
Badakhashan Nutmeg
on her UKC CH
Nutmeg & Fay * Photo by Rose Photos
I am so proud of Nutmeg who came out of retirement to finish
her Championship under judge June Pasko, from the BH class.
Nutmeg also won Best of Breed & Gp III the same weekend 
under judge Rowdy Yates.
** Nutmeg adds her UKC CH title to her Intl CH title
& her PTCA title earned in 2004. **
CMC's Tara the Terror of Oakleaf
owned by Cathy Thomas * Bred by CMC
on winning National Champion
PTCA Nationals * CA * 2009
  her great great grandsire
Badakhashan Beauregard & Fox Briar
Linruff's Got It Hot
owned by CMC * Bred by Linruff
on winning National Rs Best In Show
her grandsire
Badakhashan Beauregard & Fox Briar
HOF PTCA National Puppy CH / UKC CH
CH Badakhashan Beauregard COG
pictured at 9 1/2 years of age  extends his congratulations to Tara
and " Cyra " on their PTCA National wins !
RS Best In Show 
Thank you to Judge June Pasko for awarding
GRCH Fox Briar Rebel BOB & Rs BIS !
Best In Show 
Fox Briar Jermiah * Best In Show * BOB * New GR CH
Thank you Mrs.Lambert for awarding these wins to
" Miah " to accomplish these goals.
Blessing of the Animals * Oct.4, 2009
Badakhashan Bronwyn & Fay at the Blessing of the Animals  
This was a spiritually moving experience.We had never attended
a blessing of the animals; it gives you a feeling of great connection
to your canine companion. Bronwyn was so "polite" during her
blessing as if she sensed it was a special moment.
                              St. James * founded 1885.
    Blessing the canines on St. Francis day.
                                                                                                      St.James..... pretty as a picture postcard landscape...deep in the South ...
Century old Oak trees draped with hanging Spanish moss & Palm
trees take you back in time....founded 1885.
 Dog World Feature
We were honored to have our " Omega " featured in the October
2009 issue of Dog World's Patterdale Terrier profile ! See her on page
41 as well as in our ad on page 73. 
  Photo by Pics of You
 Omega owned by Fox Briar
Excellence in Competition
 Bloodlines * Sept.2009
 Best of Winners & Best Female
Thank you to Gerry Chen for the wonderful photos of our Patterdales.
Gerry has been photographing our dogs over the past year
& we have displayed many of them within our site.
 UKC GR CH * Fox Briar Rebel * Sire
  UKC CH   * Fox Briar Rebel Son
UKC CH  * Badakhashan Bronwyn * Dam/Grand Dam
 *  Reflecting 3 Generations of Fox Briar Breeding *  
UKC  Premier * 2009
Premier was GREAT !!!
Visit the " Premier " page for scenes from the show.
 Our Premier Awards
  Photo by Nugent
Omega * Tammy & Fay
Group I 
Photo by Gerry Chen
Thank you to Tammy Stephanie for
showing Omega to her Gp I win * STC Show.
Omega won two Gp I's this weekend in addition
to a GP II and a GP III & 4 BOB.
 Best of Breed
Photo by Gerry Chen
Rebel.....another BOB !
Rebel won two BOB awards
at the STS show.
Got Milk ?
 taking a milk break !
Champion Brother & Sister !
Happy 9th Birthday Teg & Beau !
Happy 15th Birthday Shanty !!!! We have been
blessed to have you so long !
ORPC Trial * Veteran CH
Thank you to Linsey Hollenger for showing 
Badakhashan Beauregard to Veteran Champion
at the ORPC Trial !
Judge Judith Stuckey " interviewing "
Blair Davis in Jr. Handler class. 
The three Patterdale handlers made the cut for Best Handler and Reserve !
Danielle with Tobias * Blair with Bronwyn  & Lindsey with Beau.
This class was the BEST part of the whole show for me.....
seeing the youth with the Patts & doing it like professionals !!!
Bronwyn showing a little "terrier attitude " !
The judge has made her final decision and Blair &
Patterdale Bronwyn win Best Youth Handler !!! 
Happy St.Patrick's Day !!!
Wow ! What a Year !!
Congratulations to the top winning UKC Patterdales of 2008
Top Ten placings 1st - 6th Beau's progeny/Beau !! *
* Like a reflection of himself.........
Badakhashan Beauregard progenitor *
CMC's Mighty Mack of Dodgion  * UKC # 1 Patterdale
( Great grandson ~ Dodigion )
Linruff's Got It Hot * UKC # 2 (tie ) Patterdale
( Grand daughter ~ CMC )
Lost Lake Flipper * UKC # 4 Patterdale
( Daughter ~ Lost Lake )
CMC's Heavy Metal * UKC # 6  Patterdale
( great grandson ~ CMC )
Badakhashan Beauregard * UKC #  5 Patterdale
 ( Sire / Grandsire/ Great Grandsire *Fox Briar )
" Beau earned his UKC championship in his first
4 shows,beginning his UKC debut at the ripe old
age of 8 ! In limited showing, he is the # 5
Patterdale in the nation in the UKC Top Ten.
Five of the dogs in the Top Ten are " Beau " blood.
This is such a tremendous honor.We are so appreciative
of all the hard work the owners/breeders of these Patterdales
have put forth to campaign their dogs.
We extend our best wishes ! Good luck at Premier !
* excepting Klaire who is tied for 2nd 
Home for the holidays......
Brittany Hacker & Tegwyn.....home for the holidays
from the University where she is studying to be a vet.
Brittany has been an outstanding handler & trainer,
handling our dogs since she was just a tot !
Announcement : 
Florida Earthdogs Club
Have a terrier ? Want to compete in Conformation or Go To Ground ?
Join the FL Earthdogs Club
ADBA sanctioned club whose focus will be on Education, Training & Competition with your terriers.
Contact :
Becky Crittenden
 Fay Craft
 Best In Show
to Samantha Gray
" Junior Handler Extraodinaire "
on her multiple BIS wins
Pictured with her UKC BIS Australian Terrier **
AKC/UKC CH Kambara's Avatrix CGC UAG1
owned by Kim Floyd & Shown by Samantha Gray.
We are forever greatful for Samantha putting his
first Championship competition points on Fox
 Briar Jeremiah ! * Oct.2008
" Miah "
Deceased June 2008.
 Sorry to hear of the passing of
Anglo American What A Shamus. 
New UKC Champion 
Beau earned his UKC Championship * April 2008 !
 RS Best In Show
Beau RS BIS * AHTA * Feb. 2008
under judge Jillian Irving
Wishful thinking.....our new motor home !
( in " our " kennel colors " )
Traveling & Competing
" On the Road Again " ......
Watch for the Red & Black troupe
at a trial near you ! Jan. 2008



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