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                     Page II 
              News dating after August 07, 2010
                  News 2016

   RIP Badakhashan Beauregard *** April 20,2000 - March 21,2016


                 Gold Coast Terrier Network 2016
                           Another great GCTN Trial !!!!!!
            We had a great time seeing all our old JR & Patterdale friends !
             Our Patts were also successful in the events.
              Conformation : RS Best Dog & RS Best Bitch *
               GTG : CH Under 12 /12 * Son
                            CH Over 12 1/2 * Rosie
               We also won ribbons in Racing & Costume.
            After the raffle we joined Patt owners
            Andrea & Jeremy Marshall &
            Jen & Mick Miller for dinner at
            Willard's. Great meal & enjoyable
            company ! We can't wait until next year.  

Over GTG CH * Rosie

Non Jack Russell RS Best Bitch

Non Jack Russell RS Best Dog

Under GTG CH * Son

News 2015

                      GCTN/SSJRTC Membership Day
                       We attended & participated in the annual Fun Day held at the Smith's.
                         The dogs practiced Lure Coursing,GTG,Racing & Brush Hunt, followed by lunch. We really enjoyed visiting with all our old terrier friends.

                             GCTN  2015
            This is always one of our favorite trials !
                 Every year a new judge from Great Britian is invited to judge.
The exception being '05 when one of the judges hailed from Holland.
The judges are " real Terriermen " wh o work in the field.

                  Competition Results :
                  GTG : CH Under * Rebel Son
                               CH Over  * Rosie
                                RS CH Over * Rebel
                    Costume * 1st * Rebel * Theme * "You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs to 
Find Your Prince ".
                    We also had wins in Conformation.We did not race this year.

     We have not updated our site over 2015.We will be going back & doing so soon as well as updating for 2016 !!! Thank you for your patience.

                  News 2014
                                                             Merry Christmas to all !!!
              Happy Thanksgiving
        from all the "foxy " critters
                   at Fox Briar !!
                      Here at Fox Briar we support causes
                that benefit the environment.We purchased
               our " namesake " fox ornament , in which the
                 proceeds will go towards donating a tree. If
                   you would like to support this cause go to
          GGTN/SSJRTC Membership Day
                               Aug. 31, 2014
                                                     Rosie * 1st place GTG * Other Terrier Over  
                                                Tobias age 14 * Lure Coursing * He is so focused !   
Thank you to our hosts : Debbie & Todd Smith &
  to GCTN & SSJRTC for sponsoring this event ! 
                                           Todd* our host participating in Super Earth
Debbie * Our hostess with Sydney                            
    anticipating the Super Earth !
    The site of the BBQ * The Big Red Barn
          We have taken a break from
       competition & have not participated
    in any events since GCTN in Feb. due to
    other commitments.We may be back out
         in the Fall. Hope to see you then !
   To our fellow competitors, " Good Luck ",
           from Fox Briar Patterdales !
                          The FCSL is just one of
                  the "non dog "events we
                           have been supporting.
The FL Summer Collegiate Team
The Korean National College Team
               The Korean Team
I  was presented with a "team " ball
    signed by the Korean Team !!
                                                          Meet & Greet * Getting to know the players.
                                  The children enjoyed mingling with the Korean Team.
                    GCTN Trial * Feb. 2014
                                      Non JRT GTG Champion
                Non JRT Conformation CH *
               Tarjac's Omega of Fox Briar
               Rs CH * Fox Briar Rebel Son
                 Judge : Heather Cromwell
                       Paxton Kennels
                Non JRT Adult GTG CH
                Rs CH *  Son
                4th * Jeremiah
                5th * Tobias * age 13 1/2
                1st * Rebel & Fay
        These are the only 3 events we
participated in this year, Sat. only due
to prior committments but as always
               had a super time !!!
Omega * Conformation CH NJRT    Son *  Conformation Rs CH NJRT &
Rs CH NJRT Championship. Both dogs came to this win through
the Veteran's class, 1st & 2nd respectively. Thank you Heather for
these wins & recognizing their quality. Also thank you to Lisa
Mckinney for putting on this trial & John Tyno who judged GTG.
                                                                " Snooty Valet " * Fox Briar Rebel
                                                   Rebel * The Valet * 
                                                      Photo by Jen Miller
                                                                 Thanks again for the great
                                                                            photos Jen !!!
                                        The "Fascinator "
                 " That's Fascinating "
                                to quote Sandy Grimmel
                         ***  1st Place Costume Class  ***
                                  Fox Briar Rebel & Fay
                  News 2013
                           UKC Top Ten
Conformation : Fox Briar Son *  4th place
      ( tie for 1st * Patterdales 1, 2 & 3 )
                 Den Dog Update
     The DD Committee is continuing to work on the DD
     program to meet the requirements set forth by UKC for
     sanctioning. We are working through Earthworkers
     Unlimited  & recently issued Den Dog Certificates to
     those who qualified for levels DDI - CH DD.
Fox Briar Rebel * the FIRST CH DD !
Followed by Jeremiah * The # 2 CH DD.
Congratulations guys !!! And a tremendous
thank you to Pam Simmons who designed &
issued these exquisite certificates for the program.
                        Fox Briar Rebel
         CH DD ( non sanctioned ) age 9 1/2
                                                                        Fox Briar Valentino aka " Moochie " flying over an agility obstacle.
                                                                        We recently heard from his owner, Bob Vierck, who said Moochie
                                                                        is continuing his winning ways in Rally Odedience, in the MA area. He
                                                                        is now competing in CPE agility, with four 1st place finishes ! To quote
                                                                        Bob " thanks for a great dog ".... we couldn't agree with him more !
          UKC Top Ten & Racing Allstars Awards for 2012
           Top Ten : Fox Briar competitiors placed
                   # 2  # 3  & # 7 in Conformation
            Racing Allstars : Fox Briar Jeremiah was
               Ranked # 4 in Flats & # 6 in Steeples
               We did not beginning competing for the 2012
  season until Sept. so we were quite pleased to be able
                to qualify for Premier 2013 in both
                        Conformation & Racing !
            Hats off to all the Fox Briar Patterdales
          who gave their all to achieve this honor !!!!
          February was the GCTN 25th Anniversary Trial
                   This trial was held in Bronson FL.
                    We have been attending this trial
        for 20 years & it has been our favorite competition.
                                                                            " A Proper British Lady & Her Wee Dog " *
                                                                                 Caption & Photo by Andrea Marshall
                                                                            Fox Briar Rebel winning the Costume Class
            Rebel being awarded Best Colored Terrier by Judge Steve Parkins * Great Britian
                                This is the second year in a row Rebel has won this division * age 9
  Rebel was also the NJR GTG Rs Ch. Unfortunately he was injured Sat. & unable to compete on Sun.
                                Badakhashan Tobias saved the day & won NJR GTG CH at age 12 1/2 !
                                                                                     WTG Tobias !!!
                                         Photo by Jen Miller  Thanks Jen !!!
        January found us in Ocala FL at the SSJRTC
                                   Thaw your Paws Trial
                               Rebel & Tobias were again
                             our " Stars " for the weekend.
                                                                                Rebel * age 8
                                                                             Tobias * age 12 1/2
                                                                                            Fox Briar Patterdales
                                                    News 2012
                                                              * * *
                                    Our last " adventure " for 2012 ......
      Deja ' vue *** Museum of Appalachia *** TN
                                          December 2012
                           We traveled to Richmond KY 
                           for our last UKC show of 2012.
                            Tarjac's Omega of Fox Briar
                            finished 2nd place in Top Ten
                            with her wins in Richmond KY.
                            Russell Mania * Nov. 5  2012
                                                        Accepting Rosie's 3rd place Lure Coursing ribbon.
                                                                 Our ribbons for Lure Coursing & Thunder Tunnel.
                                                As usual Rebel was our star winning 1st in Lure Coursing & Thunder Tunnel !
                                                             Meeting one of Tropical Storm Kennel's Norfolk Terriers !
                                           It was nice to meet my Facebook friend Pete Stubbs,from NC.
                                                          Thanks for the pictures Pete !!!
                                                          * * * * *
                                                   Tarjac's Omega of Fox Briar
                                        BOB * Show I & Show II 10/20
                                        BOB * Show I 10/21
                           Pictured with Judge James Coleman.
Hanging out ......waiting for the next show !
                    Happy Halloween !!
                        Terrier Splash 9-22-12
                                    Zephyrhills FL 
                               Terrier Splash was a blast !!!!
                                Our Tobias was HI POINT Champion
                              of the day ! We are so proud of our boy !
                                                    Tobias age 12.
                             My friend, the infamous Justin Caynor, is now
                             a Patterdale owner.Justin breeds Jack Russells
                                          under the Qick Fire kennel name.
                                        Mike DiBernardo, owner of DiBo's Den, where the
                                        Splash was held & Hugo Noa. Mike thanks for the
                                              use of your little Honda....the AC was great !
                                           The girls : Lorrie, Donna, Karen * Di Bo's Den &
                                           PJ, taking a break from the action !
                                                 Pauline Fawkes * Matriarch of the GCTN !
                                             Jason Jones * Treas. * Rick Bailey * Pres. SSJRTC
                                        My old friends Frannie Shiver & Zoila Lawrence
                                      manning the headsets for racing.Thank you Frannie
                                                     for putting on this great trial !!!!
          GCTN / SSJRTC Membership Day
                           Umatilla FL
Fox Briar had a sucessful day at the recent Membership meet !
Racing: Flats & Steeples * 4 Firsts
                                               4 Seconds
Lure Coursing                   * 1 First
                                                1 Second
We also qualified in GTG & Super Earth.
We completed Brush Hunt with a 2 second over time score.
The events were all fun events ; no ribbons were awarded.
 Lunch was cooked by our host Todd Smith ! Great burgers Todd !!!
         Photos to be posted soon !
                MGKC & FSC Shows
                             Perry, GA
                               Sept. 2012
                       Fox Briar Rebel Son
             BOB & GP 4 * MGKC * Show I
               BOB & GP 4 * FSC * Show II
                                                                    Fox Briar Rebel Son
The Perry Ga show was a great success ! Fox Briar  
            came home with several new titles :
Fox Briar Jeremiah *  UFCH
                                        DD I ( provisional )
                                        DD II
Fox Briar Rebel            DD I
                                        DD II
Fox Briar Rebel Son     DD I
                                        DD II
Badakhashan Beauregard DD I
                                              DD II
Badakhashan Bronwyn DD I
                                         DD II
Badakhahsan Tobias     DD I
                                         DD II
Scenes from Perry......the Party, Den Dog, Racing, Carting !!!!
Jeremiah Rebel in DD
John June Jason at the party !
                                                                                                                                       Rebel * Carting
                              Photos by Richard Hunter * Hunters Run Action Photos * NC
                              Richard & his wife Chris were also the DD judges for the Perry weekend !
                                                                                                     Tinker Toy running the DD level II Tunnel
                              Den Dog video by Kathy Jones of her AHT Carsten !
                                    Go to to view
                                                    Den Dog II Day 9-2-12 Perry GA  Carst 
                                                    * Happy Fourth of July *
                                           from Fay & the Fox Briar Patterdales
 Leesburg Lightning Bark in the Park
                                      June 2012
Pat Thomas Stadium literally " went to the dogs " !
Lightning Fans were encouraged to bring their dog
to this special Promotional night which included dog
related vendors & gifts for the dogs.
                                            Fay & Bronwyn enjoying the game !
                                                            Dr. Richard " Bailey " Clark threw out the first pitch !
                                                            Dr. Clark owns Northgate Animal Hospital in Leesburg.
                                                       Play Ball !
                    Premier 2012
                 Tarjac's Tinker Toy of Fox Briar & owner
           Bill Scaria of Cumming, GA shown with Premier wins.
                Tinker participated at Premier in Top Ten, Racing,
                   Lure coursing & Conformation at Kalamazoo,MI.
                    She placed in several events , including earning her 1st
                    leg for her CAT ( lurecoursing ).
                     Congratulations Tinker !
                                                        Go to the Premier button for more Premier 2012 photos.
                  UKC Den Dog
                 The UKC has granted the Den Dog
                     Program Provisional status.The events
                   will be scheduled through Dogspeed UKC
                    Club. Richard Hunter will be the contact
                     person for all Den Dog events in the US.
                           Contact Richard via email at :
                                           Dogwood JRT Club Fun Day * GA * April 28 2012
                                                                        Tink Flat out on the Lure !
                                               Perfect form over the hurdles !       
Smokey Mt. Show * TN
Tink * 4 BOB *
 Gp I * Show I
 Gp II * Show II
North Carolina Classic Show
Tinker * 3 BOB *
Tarjac's Tinker Toy of Fox Briar
with her NEW owner Bill Scaria
of Cumming GA.
Tinker showing a nice classic outline on the table
Showing her bite to Helena.....what a great Patterdale bite !
                            ( Conformation Judge Helena Engelauf )
                                                          Fox Briar Valentino continues to make news !
                                              " Moochie " is currently ranked 7th out of 51 dogs in UKC Rally level 2.
                                                              Congratulations Bob on your accomplishments & thanks for the up date !
       Proud as a peacock...of these two boys
                         Congratulations to
             Fox Briar Valentino
  We received word from Bob,that while brother
  Rebel was competing in Fl, the same weekend,
  Valentino ( Moochie ) was competing in Rally
  in MA .Valentino was awarded his UKC Rally
  I & his UKC Rally II title there ! He again
  obtained scores of 96 % & 100 % to qualify
  for these titles.To our knowledge,Valentino is the
  first Patterdale on the East Coast to be awarded
  a Rally I/Rally II title by UKC. Valentino was also
HIGH IN TRIAL in the February 26, Trial II with a
top score of 100 % !
       He's Baaack !!!!!
Fox Briar Rebel was awarded
CH Non Jack Russell Terrier
CH GTG Non Jack Russell Terrier
at the GCTN Trial * Bronson FL
              Feb.25, 2012
Winning from the Veteran class,Rebel went on to
take the overall Championship in Conformation,
followed by the Champion win in Go To Ground !
Rebel was retired from competition in 2010 but
was brought out of retirement to compete Saturday
at the 24th annual GCTN Trial.
Thank you to judge Lyn Harber * Wales * UK
         for bestowing this win on our Rebel.
 Rebel age 8 pictured with his CH awards.
                                    * * *
Badakhashan Tobias * age 11 * was RS CH GTG
                                                                    Thank you to Jenny Miller,GA, who provided us with all
                                                       the photos from GCTN Trial. We have taken the liberty
                                                       of enhancing them with borders & special effects to create
                                                       this Vintage style photo of Rebel (L) & his sire Shamus (R),
                                                       as well as others on the pages of this site !
                                                                               Happy Valentine's Day
                                         Happy 8th Birthday
                                                     Rebel !
                                             Perry GA Show
                                                                                      Tinker in the ring
                                   Meeting up with an old friend :
                                               Billie Green,Jr.Handler & Tin 
This " Spring " weather has us sprucing things up
around the kennel ! And of course the Patterdales
want to lend a helping hand !
 And now we are all tuckered out !
                       News * 2011
                                          News Flash !!
Fox Briar Valentino ( Moochie ) recently earned 1st
place in Rally Obedience at the MA DOGS show !
Moochie had a perfect 100% score to earn this win.
He also scored 96 % in show I to earn a qualifying 
leg on his RO title,for a total of two.
Congratulations to Bob Vierck & Moochie on this
great accomplishment ! We are so proud of you both !
We look forward to Moochie earning his title !
  " Moochie "
October 8th we participated in the SSJRTC Fun Day.
Tinker & Rebel were the lucky ones chosen to
participate.Lure Coursing had to be cancelled due to
the heavy rainfall but they were able to "play " in GTG,
Brush Hunt & Racing.Tinker had a very good time in
GTG & had there been awards,would have had a 1st
place.Rebel,as usual had a great time in GTG & Super
Earth,with a 2nd place time in both,being beat out by
the newest member of the Veteran's group,JRT Jumper
Dog !!!
We enjoyed a nice Potluck lunch & the company of
terrier friends,in spite of the damp conditions !
           We have been unable to participate in any
competitions recently due to family illness.Hence
there are no show result updates to be listed.We
hope to return to competition in the Fall.
           Our last sanctioned show attended was Feb.
           Show result updates will be posted on the Trial/Show
             Results page bi annually for ease in reporting.
UKC Premier 2011
Beau congratulates his progeny for their Conformation
wins as well as their Total Dog wins at Premier !
Top Ten BOB
CMC's Tara the Terror of Oakleaf
UKC BOB ( 2 )
5 Star Vntg History in the Makin'
We were unable to attend Premier this year due to
family obligations but Fox Briar blood was represented
by Tara & Party.Tara was bred by CMC & Party by 5 Star
These two bitches trace back to Beau through their sire
or dam ( Beau being the gr gr grandsire ).
We are so pleased that Beau blood will live on through
these outstanding representatives of the Patterdale
breed !!!!
UKC Den Dog Program *
Anyone interested in competing in GTG with their dogs can contact us
for information regarding the program.A committee was recently
formed to establish a program to submit to UKC for consideration.
The committee is comprised of :
Fay Craft UKC DD Program Chairman * developer of the PTCA
Certificate of Gameness program & PTCA certified working judge *
ADBA GTG Program Consultant *
Ann Wendland * AWTA  AKC Earthdog Judge  AKC Beagle &
Dachshund Field Trial judge *
Yvonne Moore * AWTA UKC Earthdog judge & chaired committee
for the UKC Earthdog program.Was a UKC ED judge.Is a Trustee for
AWTA.Was a JRTCA GTG judge *
Sally Yancey * AWTA AKC Earthdog judge * an AKC Conformation
 judge & prior  UKC  Conformation judge. *
Richard Hunter * UKC Racing judge & has judged JRTCA GTG
events *
Chris Hunter * AKC Earthdog judge *
 The committee welcomes any input or questions concering this
proposed UKC program.
 Email concerns to : Fay Craft *  foxbriarfells
SSJRTC Fun Day *
 We had a great time,as usual, at the SSJRTC Fun Day
June 11th.Thank you for the great prizes !!! Tobias was
the star of the day for us,winning his GTG division.His
kennelmates placed well in their divisions also & as they
say " a great time was had by all " !!!! 
                  Beau.. you are the greatest !!!!
                       Dog World recently featured articles
                                    of interest to dog owners & terrier
                                    owners.Shown below is the Dog Mural
                                    in Dunedin FL.
                           We really enjoyed the exhibit in this very
                           dog friendly town !
                             Our Rebel is depicted in the article, Big Sports for Little
                             Dogs, racing at Premier 2010 ( pg 38 April 2011 issue
                            of DOG WORLD magazine ).
                            Rebel is on the left.
                                                   New Champion Tarjac's Tinker Toy of Fox Briar  * FSHA * BOB
                                                                                                        Show I & Show II
                                          Bronwyn Lure Coursing @ HAATA Racing Fun Runs.
                                          Thanks Christi for this great picture !
                                          We were suprised to see what great form she still has as an aged dog !
                                         It's Official..the results are in for the UKC 2010 year !
                                                                      Fox Briar Results
                                                               TOP TEN Conformation
                                                  Number 1 GRCH Badakhashan Beauregard
                                                  Number 4 GRCH Fox Briar Rebel Son
                                                             RACING ALL STARS
                                                              Flats Open 10 -12.5
                                           Number 1 USCH UFCH Badakhashan Tobias
                                           Number 3 UFR Fox Brair Rebel Son
                                                              Flats Open 12.5 - 15
                                           Number 1 USCH UFCH Fox Briar Rebel
                                                              Steeples Open 10 -12.5
                                          Number 1 USCH UFCH Badakhashan Tobias
                                                              Steeples Open 12.5 - 15
                                          Number 1 USCH UFCH Fox Briar Rebel
                                      News 2010                   
                                UKC Racing Champions
                                                                   Fox Briar Patterdales are the first two
                                                                    Patterdales in the UKC to earn their 
                                                                              USCH & UFCH titles !  
                                                                        We are so proud of our boys !!!
                                                                                                             Fox Briar Rebel
                                                                                           USCH * UFCH
                                                                                                                                                                Badakhashan Tobias
                                                                                                           USCH * UFCH 
       Gold Coast * Sunshine State Membership Day
                                    Photo from prior event
                            This was a joint fun day held in Sept.
                      Beau again had an amazing time in the Brush
                       Hunt ***4.2 seconds to locate & mark quarry !
                    Thank you to Al Lackner for the delicious lunch ! 
                    The food was provided by the clubs & Al,a joint
                         club member, was the chef for the day.
                   The event was a great chance to practice & socialize.
                                       Son earns two more Total Dog Awards * Perry GA
                                                                Son was BOB & Fastest in Racing * Sept. 2010
                                                                    at the Middle GA Kennel Club show.
                  Giving our support to
                      a terrier friend in need.
                       The Trulock's Support Terrier Day  
                      was held in Lady Lake FL as a benefit
                      trial for one of our fellow terrier persons
                      who is afflicted with cancer.
                       The day consisted of racing, go to ground
                     brush hunt & lurecousing. We finished up
                     with a great cook out prepared by our out-
                     standing chef Glen Holland !
                    Here are some candid photos from the trial.
                             Omega ready to race !
                                                                              Brush Hunt
                                         Tobias at the GTG
                      ( Note : Simulation * In actual GTG Competition
                             terrier is released at a line 2 ft from the tunnel.)
                                                                    Lure Coursing
                                      Donna & Kathy keeping cool !
                                                      Raffle *
                            Artist Lisa Mckinney donated her work.
                            Don Ahrens was the lucky recipient !
                            The Jack Russells,Patterdales & Rat
                            Terriers all competed together. It was
                            great competition! Beau won the Brush
                            Hunt in his division with a time of 9.32
                            seconds to locate quarry.Tinkie took to
                            the GTG & scored a 3.03 to earn 2nd
                            in her first competition.
                             This was a great trial for a very worthy



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