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The # 1 UKC Flat Racer & Steeple Racer in the Nation
10-12 1/2 * 2010
# 1 Flat Racer * 2009
  UFCH USCH UKC CH /PTCA CH Badakhashan Tobias COG TD
UKC DD I & DD II * provisional
Sire:Badakhashan Kimberwicke
Dam: Ntl CH Poorhill's Shanty COG
Tobias finished his UKC Championship under judge
Rowdy Yates at the APBT Showdog's of FL show.
Tobias ia also a multiple champion in Racing & GTG
at Open Terrier Trials & PTCA Nationals.
Tobias is one, of the only two Patterdales in the nation,
to have attained a UKC Champion title in Flats &
Steeples,both of which are owned & bred by Fox Briar !
                         Tobias ~ Racing 2003 Nationals * TN
7 1/2 years old...but still can get the job done ! Go To Ground CH * 2009 GCTN Trial I against kennelmate Fox Briar Rebel age 4. GCTN Trial II they tied for 1st with a time of 5.51 on the electronic timer ! In a run off for CH & Rs CH Tobias came home with the Rs CH ( Rebel winning with a run off time of 4.28 ).
* Tobias recently won the Veteran Racing Championship for dogs under 12 1/2 at the Ochlockonee River PC Terrier Trail ~ 2008. *
  Tobias GCTN Performance Trial RS Hight Point CH 2003 ~ this was against all breeds of working terriers !    
Tobias Field Lure Coursing 2003 Nationals ~  Crossville TN
Tobias GCTN Trial RACING and GTG CH ~ 2005  
                                              Tobias * RS CH ~ Under ~ GCTN Performance Trial 2005. He was Rs to our CH Badakhashan Nutmeg COG.
 Tobias "Rearranging " the boundaries on the Field ~ Lure Coursing Crossville TN 2003
 Pics of You Photo
Tobias negotiating a hurdle at the South East Celebration ~ 2008 ~ Tobias was Rs Ch Trial 1 to kennelmate Fox Briar Jeremiah

Checking out his ribbons from the Little Everglades Terrier Races
Tobias * DFZ
 Tobias * up & Over the " A " Frame !
Whitworth Photo
Tobias being retrieved from the GTG tunnel at the Cumberland Open Working Terrier Trial Crossville TN 2003.Tobias was GTG Rs CH Trial 1. Judge Yvonne Moore pictured a left.
Achievements: Tobias is our super performance dog.He
has been awarded many performance championships, including GCNT Rs HighPoint CH. He competes against various breeds of terriers and can hold his own in tough competion. Tobias won his Conformation class at PTCA Nationals in Ill under judge Steve Wallace from the UK in 2002.PTCA Nationals 2006 he was RS Racing CH ~ Under.Tobias has earned his PTCA COG & BWTA TC ( KY ) He is also a UKC CH in Conformation & Racing (UFR * UFCH * USR * USCH )* a UKC Total Dog & a PTCA CH in Conformation.. And above all...he hunts !


Pedigree  * UKC/PTCA Conformation CH & Performance Champion * Badakhashan Tobias

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE Badakhashan Kimberwicke
Bred by Fox Briar 


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