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Ntl CH Poorhill's Shanty COG
Sire: Nuttall's Stormin' Norman
Dam: Poorhill's Coffee

Shanty is our Nuttall bred foundation bitch bred by Poorhill Kennel in MO.


                                                                      Our Matriarch
" Shanty " has been more dog than anyone could have ever wished for.She has been a superb producer, she has been a true worker and has been the ultimate companion.Her offspring are proof of her greatness....her loyalty irreplaceable.
 Shanty pictured at age 13 at PTCA Nationals ~  TN Prior to this Shanty was PTCA National Veteran CH 1999 & PTCA National RS Veteran CH 2003. She has produced numerous Champion offspring.
                     This is a current list as of Jan 1, 2010
                     If you have progeny not listed here please contact
                    us & we will add it on.
                     Tarjac's Seamus * UKC CH * PTCA Nationals
                    Rs CH Puppy * was omitted from this list.Update
                    will be provided soon.
                    Fox Briar Jonah's ARBA title was omitted from this
                    list also.
                     Tarjac Scully was CH Puppy in Racing at PTCA
                    Nationals & PTCA Nationals Puppy GTG CH.
                                Shanty's CH Offspring
               Badakhashan Bronwyn ~ UKC GR CH/ Total Dog/PTCA CH COG
               2009 UKC Top Ten * # 9
               Badakhashan Shillelagh ~GTG CH COG
                                    Grand Daughters
               Badakhashan Phoenix ~ PTCA National CH Puppy  TC
               Badakhashan Nutmeg ~ UKC CH/PTCA CH/INTL CH COG * PTCA 
               Nationals RS CH GTG * CKC Top Ten
               Fox Briar Rose 'O the South ~ PTCA CH COG ~ INTL CH *
               Exported to Brazil as Foundation Stock * CKC Top Ten
               Craft's Copper Kettle ~ PTCA CH
               Tarjac's Fianna ~ UKC CH
               Blazing Jacks(Fox Cry ) Black Bean ~ Conformation CH
                                Great Grand Daughters
               Linruff's Got It Hot ~ PTCA CH/UKC GR CH WPCH UFR USR
               CMC's Lady Asia ~ PTCA/UKC CH
               Tarjac's Omega of Fox Briar ~ UKC GR CH/PTCA CH COG *
                2009 UKC Top Ten *  # 2
                2007 CKC Top Ten * TOP DOG winner
                   Badakhashan Tobias ~ UKC CH UFR USR/ Total Dog/PTCA CH
               2009 UKC Racing Allstars * Number 1 Flats * # 2 Steeples
               PTCA Nationals Racing CH * COG ~
               Multiple CH in Racing,GTG,Lure Coursing , Super Earth &
               Performance CH
               Badakhashan Bailey ~ PTCA TC
                                          Grand Sons
              Fox Briar Rebel ~ UKC GR CH/PTCA/INTL CH ~ COG ~  
              UKC UFR USR / Total Dog 
              2009 UKC Top Ten * Number 1 Patterdale
              2009 UKC Racing All Stars * Number 1 Flats * # 2 Steeples
                  Nationals Racing CH * PTCA Nationals GTG CH * PTCA 
              Nationals 1st place Family Class * Multiple CH in Racing,
              GTG, Lure Coursing, Super Earth & Performance CH
              Trials *  BWTA ( Kentucky ) Barn Hunt Certificate * BWTA 
              TC * CKC Top Ten
                                     Great Grandsons
              Fox Briar Jeremiah ~ COG ~ PTCA/UKC GR CH* PTCA Nationals Racing CH
              UKC UFR USR
              2009 UKC Racing All Stars * Number 1 Steeples * #2 Flats
              Multiple CH in Racing , GTG * Performance Trial CH *
              2006 CKC Top Ten
              CMC's Mighty Mack of Dodgion ~ UKC GR CH UMP *
              Number 1 Ranking Patterdale ARBA/UKC 2008
              Linruff Rogue ~ COG  INTL CH ~ Exported to Brazil as
              foundation stock * CKC Top Ten
              Fox Briar Jonah ~ ARBA CH ~ COG  * 2006
              CKC Top Ten
              Tarjac's  Scully COG ~ PTCA Nationals Puppy GTG CH *
              PTCA Nationals CH Racing Puppy
              Tarjac's Seamus ~ PTCA Nationals Puppy Racing RS CH *
               UKC CH 
              Tarjac's Pistol Pete ~ UKC CH
              Fox Briar Rebel Son ~ UKC GR CH
              BWTA EOY Puppy GTG RS CH *
              COG *2007 CKC Top Ten
A Champion over & over !
We acquired Shanty in 1997 as a foundation bitch. In her first trial at age 3, she won Champion Terrier, under Mick Robson of Scotland and has never looked back.She has been a CH in Conformation & GTG throughout her career, as well as a mother. She is now retired from competing but still enjoys hunting prey !
Peach State Trial GA 1997 ~ Champion Colored Terrier
shown with Brittany Hacker. 
  Fox Cry Terrier Trial 1998  ~ Champion Colored
                              Terrier shown with our Champion Jack Russell
                               at the same show ~ Judge Meg Miranda.
                                         Shanty * 1997 * Champion Colored Terrier
                                              Peach State Trial & Fox Cry Trial
         PTCA Nationals 2003 RS
 Veteran CH * Judge Peter Heath * Finland
                        Cumberland Terrier Trial 2002 ~ Crossville TN ~
                        SHANTY * GTG CH & TOBIAS RS GTG CH
                        shown with expert handler Brittany Hacker ( left ).
Gold Coast Terrier Trial 2006 ~ FL ~ Reserve Best Colored Terrier
Bitch at age 12 ! Judge Stuart Frost * United Kingdom
                                                        Shanty * Dade City * 2006 ~
                                                                      Little Everglades Steeplechase
Shanty in the Family class 2006 PTCA Nationals * Left to right : Leslie Merrifield with daughter " BB ", Becky Crittenden, Tarjac Kennels with " Shanty " and Tiffany Maronto Smith, Dragon Heart Kennel with grand daughter " Tinker ".
                                                 Shanty & daughter BB * Dec. 2006
                                                            Shanty & great Grand daughter Omega visiting
                                                             at home, 2008.


Achievements:Shanty was the 1999 PTCA Veteran's Champion,as well as the Go To Ground Champion.In 2003 she was Rs Veteran Champion.In 2007 we brought her out of retirement to show at Nationals where she won the Veteran Bitch class at age 13.



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Norman's Stormin Norman  * English Import



 Nuttall's Monty

Nuttall's Rocky (1)
Nuttall's Binkie Nuttall's Rocky (1)
Thatcher (2)
Poorhill's Coffee
Brian Nuttall bred
Morris Max
Penny Copper




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